Wheel Loader Parts – New, Used, Rebuilt, and Aftermarket

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Loader Boom – 11177925




Linkage – 11177187


Steering Cylinder-11107333


Access Panel – AT388717


Access Panel – AT203044


Drive Shaft – AT512503


Rear Axle-166-4459




Bellcrank –


Engine Access Door-AT211138




Coupler –




Loader Boom – 11177127


Loader Link-T119547


Vehicle Controller-AT328223


Rear Axle-ROAG2544R


Steering Valve-15135160

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Air Cooler-11110648


Lift Cylinder – 707-E1-02250


Access Panel – 11413622


Hydraulic Pump-11173090


Pilot Control Valve – 11172599


Construction Equipment Parts is your one-stop shop for quality wheel loader parts. Whether you operate John Deere, Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, or Link-Belt wheel loaders, Construction Equipment Parts offers a solution to meet your machine's needs. With over 200,000 parts in stock, we cover models such as the 908, 924G, 926, 938G, 950G, 966C, 980C, 221D, 321D, 621B, 621C, 621D, 621E, WA250-5, WA250-6, WA320-5, WA470-6, WA480-6, L110H, L120C, L120G, L150E, L180, L220E, L70C, L90C, 544E, 544G, 544H, 544K, 624, 644, 724, 744, 844J, and 944, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your wheel loader.

Our selection includes a wide range of essential components such as axles, alternators, arms, attachments, booms, bucket links, buckets, bushings, cabs, computers, dippers, engine control units (ECUs), transmission control units (TCUs), engine rebuild kits, radiators, and turbochargers to ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, we offer engines, fuel injectors, H links, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic oil coolers, transmissions, seals, and rubber track pads suitable for various applications.

Construction Equipment Parts offers a solution for not only wheel loader parts but for any machine, make, or model you have in your fleet.